Who you are?

Who you are?

…..Live with openness; Do some exercise; But if not done for day or two do not worry but do it; Always
remember you will get chance to act so be little patient……………. These are some
good words but may be; may not be practical or difficult to practice. To live
your own life you need to find yourself within you. This requires some of your
time with you with full awareness of mind that you are with yourself and not engaged
in self talk on some subject. You may find you are not one but many or trying
to be many. That is true you are always connected to your universal soul/self that
is Universal thus you are always on many facet, in many dimension. You need to
understand some or each dimension to find your true inclination about your life
and its purpose. Once you find that you may choose to start your journey on the
path apposite to your personality to know your true self.

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